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Check your tires before setting off on vacation

  • A quick check of tire condition and pressures brings added safety
  • If in doubt about the state of the tires, ask an expert
  • Italy: some all-season and winter tires are prohibited

Hanover, July 27, 2015. In Central Europe it’s summer vacation season – time to head for the coast or to the mountains. To get off to a really safe start, drivers should always check their tires before they leave, says tire manufacturer Continental. That means adjusting the tire pressures to the higher loads – the correct settings can be found in the driver’s manual or on a sticker in the glove compartment or on the B-pillar or the fuel filler cap. Pressures should be adjusted with the tires cold. Warm tires show higher pressures on the tire gauge.

Checking the state of the tires themselves is important too. No one should set off on vacation with less than three millimeters of tread depth, because in heavy rain the risk of aquaplaning is far greater than with tires with more tread. Checking the tread depth is easy: place a one euro coin on edge in the tire groove and the gold-colored rim should no longer be visible. Drivers also need to check the tread strip and the sidewall for the kind of damage incurred when bumping over a curb. Anyone not sure about the performance of their tires should consult an expert in the tire trade.


And here’s a tire tip for anyone heading for Italy: In Italy, in summer, driving with winter or all-season tires that are not approved for at least the same speed as the standard tires shown in the vehicle registration document is prohibited. Disregarding this rule can lead to heavy fines and possible impounding of the vehicle or having to fit the correct tires at the nearest dealership.

Alexander Bahlmann
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Klaus Engelhart
+Klaus Engelhart

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